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Lessons Learnt from Starting Fires
Anyone can have an idea. That’s the easy bit. The hard bit is starting something. Lighting the kindling without knowing what might happen. Where does it spread? Where does it take you? What can you learn? Emma shares her learning from challenging the status quo to inspiring brands and businesses to think differently about how they operate. Over the past couple of years, Emma has started a few 'fires' and now has plenty of stories and learnings to share. But she is not done yet.

Redesigning ‘business as usual’
For a long time women have been told to ‘lean in’ and be more ‘confident’.
The cry from board rooms is ‘we need more women here’.
Once we ‘fix’ these problems then the job is done right?
Wrong. Emma Sexton talks about the need to take gender out of the
conversation and put values back into business.
And then asks the question can collaboration be better than competition?
And can this be taken one step further to build a global
business inspired by the Fibonacci effect?


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Emma Sexton was our chairperson at an industry panel The Mill hosted during National Inclusion Week. Emma has a very natural way of engaging a wide range of different personalities, backgrounds and roles ensuring everyone plays their part and speaks equally. The panel was a huge success in no small part to Emma’s professional approach, swagger, knowledge, willingness to get involved at short notice and confidence to ask challenging questions that spark healthy debate. Emma is a pleasure to work with and I look forward to future collaborations with Emma and her team!
— Simon Devereux, Group Head of L&D, The Mill
I heard your ‘Stealth Design’ talk at the Designers Fiesta earlier this month and came away feeling very inspired!
— Designer's Fiesta Attendee
Emma brought a different dimension to our event - speaking from her vast experience and from wearing many hats from communications and graphic design, through to entrepreneur and creative thinker - Emma really made us think about how we can all behave differently in our approach to ‘business as usual’. Her candid style was refreshingly honest and definitely served as a change of pace during what was a very mixed bag of different speakers.
— Louise Smith, Teneo Blue Rubicon
Emma Sexton brings the room alive with her passion for all things brand. Her insight into how to communicate values and mission in a more effective way meant our entrepreneurs left the masterclass with actionable tips - with most reworking their brand immediately afterwards.
— Virgin Media, Pioneers Workshop
I just wanted to say thank you for a fascinating, interesting and inspiring talk.
— Paul BlackHouse